Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor Review

Cuisinart is known worldwide for their high quality home appliances. Their food processors are also very popular and one of the favorite models for home cooks is the Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor.

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This food processor comes in brushed stainless-steel, white or polished chrome. It’s also available in two sizes, 9-cup and 11-cup. It includes a bowl that is so strong it is virtually shatterproof and a blade speed that adjusts automatically to ensure good dough consistency.

Having good quality appliances can mean the difference between a great dish and a good dish. It’s important that the processor you use is able to shred food evenly and consistently. The automatic speed adjustment of the Prep Plus should help to give you consistent results every time.

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Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Review

If you need something to help you with small chopping jobs around the kitchen but don’t want the hassle of pulling out a full-sized food processor then try the Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep Plus. This food processor comes in a range of stylish colors including brushed chrome, dark purple, green, turquoise and many more.

Check the Price on Amazon for The Cuisinart DLC-2A Food Processor Now

It has a 3-cup capacity and a motor with 250-watts of power. Due to its smaller size and motor it’s ideal for using when you want to mix or chop small amounts of ingredients such as chopping herbs and spices.

A reversible stainless-steel blade is included and simple push button controls are located on the front allowing you to chop and grind your food. A spatula, recipe book and manual are included with purchase.

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