What Is The Best Fridge or Freezer For My Place?

It’s easy to end up with the wrong Cooler for your situation and you need to think carefully about the space you have and what you need your appliance to do.

Do you need a Fridge, a Freezer or a combination in one unit?

See what we have picked to help you choose the right cooler for you.

Fridge-Freezers come in many sizes and often include a special ice unit for cold drinks. If you have a narrow space but plenty of ceiling height you might go for a tall unit that contains both.

Sloping ceilings and attic rooms can benefit from choosing two units to sit side by side under the counter.

If you have plenty of space you might go for a designer appliance to suit your style, but what if you only need a small item for a teenager or student?

Perhaps you want a convenient but discreet cooler in your office.

We have hand picked some to consider from the best available in different sizes.

Our Current Picks Are Reviewed in Depth

You can read our reviews of compact refrigerators and mini fridges in our special reviews here.

Larger Fridges and Freezers and combination appliances, Fridge Freezers, come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, as well as extra functions, and we will look in depth at the possible choices in later posts.