Dual Zone Wine Cellar Review

Becoming a wine collector is a hobby that can cost quite a bit of money, especially if you become such an enthusiast that you have hundreds of bottles in your home at once. Not only do you have to pay for the wine but you also have to pay for some sort of storage for the wine in your collection. Wine storage options include storing your wine in a dark cabinet or ultimately having your own wine cellar or wine cooler. Some better quality wine coolers are dual zone. Meaning they can help you store both red and white wines at their required temperatures without affecting either type of wine being stored.

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The Dual Zone wine cellar is separated into two compartments each with their own temperature. Each of the two compartments has its own thermostat, allowing you to set the temperature for each individual compartment based on the wine being stored. A dual cooler is the perfect appliance for someone who hosts many dinner parties that feature wine with the food being served. It is always wonderful to pull out both a red and white wine from your dual zone cooler and offer a glass of either wine to a guest.

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