Haier HVTM06ABS 6-Bottle Wine Cellar Review

If you’ve ever had a bottle of wine ruined because it was not stored correctly then you know how disappointing it can be to see a perfectly good bottle of wine go to waste. One way to ensure your wine stays at the perfect temperature is with a wine cellar such as the Haier HVTM06ABS 6-Bottle Wine Cellar.

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This wine cellar has a 6 bottle capacity and is great for both red and white wines. It has a double pane insulated glass door to keep your wine cool while still allowing you to see what’s inside. It comes with a blue LED display and adjustable thermostat controls.

The number one enemy of wine is heat. They need to be kept cool so they don’t age prematurely and lose their flavor and taste. Storing wine too cold is also a problem as the wine will lose its flavor and aroma. With a wine cellar you’ll know your wines will be kept at a stable temperature to ensure optimum flavor and aroma.

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