Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do Choose Products for Review?

Items are usually chosen for review because we believe they are quality products, have been popular over time and purchasers have enjoyed using them.

New products are sometimes reviewed if there is enough information available about them, or if the reviewer has bought the product and used it.

Q. Do You Recommend Products?

Reviewers may make recommendations based on their research or experience with a product. As an organisation with integrity, we will only suggest products that we believe are of a high standard and could help you or your business.

Q. Are you compensated or paid for your reviews?

We are not paid for reviewing products, but some links on this website might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product through the links on this website, it is possible that we could receive referral commissions. Links may be either through images, text, audio or video.

We cannot guarantee that reviewers on websites linked to by us are not paid for their review.

Q. So how do you pay for the upkeep of your website?

Visitors read our content and click on our links! This in no way affects the price you pay for a product. Referral payments are a small percentage and income depends on the number people who buy through our links.

We aim to provide valuable information to our visitors and the income generated pays for the upkeep of our website and helps us and our families.

Q. How do I find the products that interest me?

Just Click your area of interest or the article categories. Depending on the device you are using, these can be found at the top, on the right-hand side and below.

You may also use the search bar in the main menu.