Important Kitchen Appliances

How Do You Choose The Most Important Kitchen Appliances?

Every kitchen, large or small needs basic appliances to cook and preserve food and taking care with their selection will lead to hassle-free day to day living.

Important appliances in your kitchen need to be reliable and sufficient for your needs. Every home has different requirements which depend on the number of people using the kitchen and the space available to accommodate the appliances. Other factors also need to be taken into account, and we will look at them here.

What to Consider When Choosing Essential Kitchen Appliances

Consider these before making a purchase. These may seem obvious, but this can serve as a quick reminder.

  1. Size of your kitchen
  2. The position of the appliance
  3. Energy or fuel supply
  4. Minimum and Maximum capacity
  5. The Main users
  6. Budget
  7. Looks and Design

It’s easy to get carried away when looking at new appliances or fitting a new kitchen so we will take a brief look at these. We can always elaborate  or examine the issues in some detail in future posts.

Size of Your Kitchen

Obviously, it has to fit! Look at the available space including the width, depth and height. Make note of the measurements and any minimum or maximum requirements.

The Position of the Appliance

Doors, windows and drainage may need to be taken into account as well as fixtures that cannot be moved or you do not want to change.

Energy or Fuel Supply

What fuel runs your appliance? Do you have the correct supply nearby. Most run on electricity, but there are other fuels such as gas and fossil fuels. If you are concerned about global energy and consumption you may be interested in energy-saving appliances.

Minimum and Maximum Capacity

How many people live at your home? The needs of a family, sharing students or an elderly person living alone are very different. Consider the number of people being catered for on a daily basis as well as how many visitors you are likely to have and how often you entertain.

The Main Users

Who Cooks, and shops most often? Are they tall, short or have a special need? The preferences and needs of the main user is of paramount importance, but perhaps you have several cooks in your house. You may have to make compromises to fit in with everyone or you might not have anyone who really likes cooking at all!


Be aware of how much are you prepared to spend, and what you can afford. Whether you can spend a large or small amount, be sure than you are getting value for money and buy the best quality available at the price.

If you have the means, a little flexibility may  enable you to buy a better and longer lasting appliance than your initial desired spend, but beware of getting carried away and arriving home with a heavy heart because of overspending.

Looks and Design

Although choosing colours and and looking at design details can be the most fun, this is last on the list for a reason . If the previous requirements are not met or cannot be overcome, you will be disappointed when you can’t have exactly the look you want.

If you really Must have that special look, you might have to set other lifestyle goals and wait…  Nothing is impossible!

Short Video – Here are a few of the things to look out for in the higher priced Dish-washing machines.

Let us help you choose the best features for your budget


You may feel that shopping for Important Kitchen Appliances is a necessary chore or a fun experience, but either way a little preparation will help you achieve a happy outcome.

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