Panasonic Genius “Prestige” 1.2 cuft 1200 Watt Sensor Microwave Review

If you’re looking for a trendy microwave for your kitchen that cooks and reheats food evenly try the Panasonic Genius “Prestige” Sensor Microwave With Inverter Technology. One great feature of this microwave is that it is able to automatically adjust the power levels and cooking time based on the food you are heating.

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It also comes with a pop-out dial, a Melt-soften button to melt butter, cheese and chocolate, a child safety lock and turbo defrost.

The Panasonic Genius looks elegant with a stainless steel front and silver wrap around the sides. It’s available in 3 sizes, 1.2 cu.ft, 1.6 cu.ft and 2.2 cu.ft. A trim kit can also be purchased which allows the microwave to be installed in the wall.

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